The Salvation Army is a Christian church and registered charity (215174)
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Just click the red button to view the stream.
After 28 weeks of recorded Virtual Worship programmes bringing Southport Corps into your home, on 4th October the Corps changed direction and moved to live streaming.

Although Government guidelines and requirements through the second wave of lockdown restrictions prevent a 'normal' return to worship in church, broadcast activities are allowed so live streaming will continue each Sunday morning at 10:30am.

If you are unable to view live then the programme will remain available as a recording. Allow the programme to finish (about one hour) the click the same button to view the recording.

As before, please note that if you access before 10:15 on the release date the file will only display a
restricted video alert but that once active the programme can be viewed at any time.
The video will open in a new window. After viewing, close the window to return here.

Lockdown Two

The UK entered Lockdown Two on the fifth of November which lasts until the second of December.

The restrictions are different from the original lockdown back in March, both for us personally and what our church is allowed to do. To check out the restrictions specific to the church or to read the complete government restrictions list, click the panel to the right.
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The government's restrictions on places of worship are set out here.

This is just section five as it applies to our church.

To view all sections, click the button.
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